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Happy New Year!

I just read a ‘2013 year in review’ style article and you know what struck me about it? There wasn’t much positive that happened in 2013. There was a list of people who died, disasters that happened, people who were crooked, etc.

Do you know what wasn’t there? A list of births. A list of people who did their work and looked after their community. A list of the awesome that happens all the time and no one notices.

One of my standout moments from this year was a couple I’ve been working with for years making plans to go to Hawaii. They didn’t know they had the ability to do it, but they did – and I helped them figure that out.

There were a few moments when clients sent their friends to me as referrals. I appreciate the business but what I really appreciate is the knowledge that they trusted me enough to put me in front of people they liked, cared about and respected so I could help them.

I also celebrated 10 years of marriage this year. It’s not in any news article but Alison and I have built a pretty fantastic life together and I’m proud of that. We don’t affect nations but we have a pretty big impact on two children who live with us and call us mom and dad.

And throughout 2014 I am going to remember this – and challenge us all to recall – that there are ‘great events’ that shape the world but that there are also important events and decisions that happen every single day in all of our lives that really matter.

Thank you all for your help in my life and my business in 2013. I look forward to a fantastic 2014 with all of you.