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LBS and what isn’t online

Worby wealth Management a Trusted Regina Financial Consultant talks about Being Happy with your Money.

Today’s world of the internet means you can buy anything and get better informed anywhere anytime. Amazon, Yahoo, Google – they all wait with baited breath for you to ask or order something, anything, please!

What you can’t get online though, is knowledge. You can read information but there’s a difference between information and knowledge and all it takes is a conversation with someone truly knowledgeable to understand the difference.

This was impressed upon me again today when I visited my local bike shop to pick up a bike that I had in for service. I had tinkered with it, youtubed a few videos and tried to work on it myself but in the end, had to take it to the pros. And not just any pros, let me tell you about my LBS – or local bike shop.

#1 about my bike shop is that it looks like a bike shop. They have tools around, it smells of grease and rubber and the guys who work there wear overalls – because bicycles are dirty.

#2 about my bike shop is that they have been in Regina for over 50 years. The guy I was talking to about my bike parts today still rides the bike he raced back in the 60s!

#3 about my bike shop is that they have a couple of generations of guys who do bicycles – and that’s all. There’s likely a century’s worth of experience when I talk to these guys and bring them my bicycle for work.

And what does all this bring them? Knowledge. I learned today about the sound of Reynolds tubing and how flicking a downtube tells you what kind of metal is in that bike. That isn’t information, it’s knowledge.

I thought about this list and my own business.

#1 my office looks like a place people can come have a safe conversation about their money. The coffee smells good but I do leave the coveralls at home!

#2 I was born in Regina, have tried out the greater ‘opportunities’ of Calgary and moved back before it was fashionable to do so in order to build my practice here. My family is here, my life is here.

#3 as a 3rd generation financial advisor, there was a certain depth in my training that other advisors may not have had. This has been a boon to me and my clients.

In the end, this list has led me to not just have information about investing and money management but to have actual knowledge. Sure you can read some information online or go to your large international banking institute, but if you want great service and true knowledge, we at Worby Wealth Management can help.

Chris Worby is a Trusted Regina based financial advisor and Wealth Management consultant servicing local Regina households and businesses since 2001.