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Retirement Planning Starts Now!

Chris Worby a Trusted Regina Financial Advisor knows planning! I often have meetings with people who are chagrined at their lack of investment knowledge and often feel like they are behind the ball when it comes to retirement planning. Here are 3 easy steps that can help you get on track: 1)      Start with the end in […]

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Interest(ing) Rates: An Opinion Piece

Much has been made of interest rates lately but let me say, again, as an opinion – my crystal ball is broken – interest rates are not going up anytime soon. There are a number of reasons why I believe this. Some of them are technical – there is what economists call ‘slack’ in the […]

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5 Common Tax Mistakes

Chris Worby a Trusted Regina Financial Advisor talks about 5 Common Tax Mistakes. Well, we all know it’s coming – tax time is inevitable! And we all know a guy who says, “Keep that receipt, it’s deductible!” Well, ‘that guy’ is often right but misses a few details. That’s why it can be really helpful to take […]

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