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Business Planning

A wealth manager provides advice on how to structure your finances to minimize your tax liability. This is especially important if you own your own business.

Corporations Are Interesting And Exciting Tax Entities

Both for entrepreneurship but also for tax and succession planning. 
From start-up to wind down, the ability to guide income, access certain tax incentives and more are ever-changing and can seem endless at times.

For active businesses, many questions need to be considered: what benefits package will retain your talent? Do you have a person who is so vital to your business that replacing them due to illness, disability or death would be an expensive prospect? Do partners have a funded buy/sell agreement?

Is Your Business Unusual? 

For inactive businesses or holding companies, the questions are different: How tax efficient is the investing? What is the succession plan for multi-generational assets? What’s the share structure that will efficiently pay out income for retirement?

At Worby Wealth Management we have the experience and knowledge to know the right questions to ask and where to go for the solutions.

Business Planning With Worby Wealth

No matter what size or stage your business is at, you need a plan.
Planning to prepare for sale or succession is critical.

Choosing Worby Wealth Management for your business financial planning services in the Regina area is a decision grounded in the assurance of expertise and genuine partnership. With a wealth of experience in the financial industry, Chris Worby brings a deep understanding of the complexities of business finance, offering a unique perspective to cater to your specific needs. His commitment to being a true partner sets him apart, as he prioritizes building long-term relationships based on trust and collaboration. Chris goes beyond conventional financial advice, striving to comprehend the intricacies of your business to provide tailored solutions. When you choose Chris Worby, you’re not just hiring a financial advisor; you’re gaining a reliable ally in navigating the intricacies of business finance, ensuring a secure and prosperous financial future for your company or organization. 

Contact Chris Worby  to get your personalized business planning started today.