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As parents, we want to ensure our kids
have options and that we open as many
doors as possible for them.

Start Saving For Your Child’s Education Today.


Worby Wealth Management offers education planning as an additional service to our existing clients only. RESPs and trust accounts are the primary ways parents save for their children’s education. We set up both for our clients and invest them, usually, in a lower-risk strategy because they are generally required at a specific time, no matter what.


Are RESPs right for your family?

A simple answer is maybe.

The government of Canada will match your savings inside an RESP. The match is called the Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG). Everyone gets the 20-per-cent match on $2,500 contributed per child per year, but if your income is lower, you can get a 30-per-cent or 40-per-cent match on the first $500 saved each year.

Education Planning With Worby Wealth

Existing Clients Speak To Your Worby Wealth Management Reppresentative to get your personalized children’s education savings plan started today.