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​We are committed to providing a high standard of investments planning and advice to individuals, families and business owners in Regina, Saskatchewan.


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We believe that properly structured portfolios are fundamental to making money in the markets.

Not every investment moves the same way at the same time. When we look at portfolio components, we evaluate pieces that will ‘zig’ when others ‘zag.’ This, combined with our in-depth knowledge and understanding of your personal circumstances, and investments help us make sure you have money when you need it. Working with a Trusted Regina investment advisor who has experience helps mitigate risk by providing expert guidance and insights tailored to individual financial goals and market conditions.


Risk Management

Each client has a unique ability to handle risk and volatility. With that in mind, we build personal investment portfolios for each client using investments we know and managers we understand. We can build an appropriate portfolio to suit your needs Wherever you are in the market cycle and wherever you are in your investment life.

Investments Plan With Worby Wealth

When considering your investments plan and advice in Regina, Saskatchewan, choosing Chris Worby at Worby Wealth Management is an excellent decision. With decades of experience in the financial industry, Chris offers trustworthy investment advice that is grounded in his extensive knowledge and expertise. Clients can rely on his seasoned perspective and commitment to their financial well-being. His track record of success and dedication to personalized service make him a reliable partner in navigating the complexities of investment planning. Whether you’re planning for retirement, wealth accumulation, or other financial goals, Chris Worby’s guidance ensures that your investments are in capable hands.

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