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Tax Planning

RRSP, TFSA, JWROS, LIRA, insurance – every industry has its language, and this is ours!

Taxes Can Be Complicated.


Many people don’t know how these accounts work or why one is better. Everyone’s tax situation differs depending on resources, tax brackets, etc. It can be even more complicated if you own an incorporated business or benefit from a trust.

Maximize Your Tax Return

Our purpose in tax planning is to explore all investment options to maximize your tax return. We also examine the trade-offs of certain investment avenues and ensure you understand them before investing.

Tax Preparation

We have also taken up free tax preparation for clients with investments over $250,000. Some tax planning does not make it to the return. This is down to slips missed in the mail or an account that needs to be registered. Doing the planning and follow-up ensures our plans get completed.

As a free service, we also provide tax preparation as a ‘thank you’ for people who use our investment services.

Tax Planning With Worby Wealth

No matter where your household is on this spectrum, you need a tax plan. With a proven track record of excellence in financial management and a deep understanding of the intricacies of the Canadian tax system, Chris Worby stands out as a reliable and knowledgeable advisor. His commitment to transparency and client satisfaction ensures that you receive personalized, strategic guidance tailored to your specific financial goals. Chris’s expertise extends beyond conventional financial planning, and he has earned a reputation for his meticulous approach to tax planning, helping clients navigate the complexities of tax regulations while optimizing their financial positions. With Chris Worby, you can trust that your financial future is in capable hands, as he combines experience, professionalism, and a genuine dedication to helping clients make informed decisions for long-term success.

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