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Retirement Considerations

One of the biggest financial questions on everyone’s mind is whether or not they will have enough money to retire. Not only do savings and investments need to be taken into the equation, income and expenses also need in-depth analysis.


Will my daily coffees increase in price? Although I’m poking fun, inflation is a serious concern. Everyone’s expenses will clearly vary from one person to another, but some other considerations need to be taken into account, such as:

    • Will I be able to find work if needed?
      • If income falls short, will a new source of income be required?
    • Am I financially dependent on someone else?
      •  Or is someone else financially dependent on me?
    • Costs of living can vary greatly from one city to the next
      • Do I plan on living in the same city upon retirement?
    • Have I taken into account inflation?
      •  Will my entertainment and hobby expenses increase during my retirement years?
    • What if interest rates rise?
      •  Will I be able to afford my home if rates rise?
    • Do I plan on living in the same home upon retirement?
      • Will I downsize?
    • Do I have or need insurance?
      • What if something unexpected happens during retirement?
    • Do I have a will, power of attorney, health care directive in place?
      • Making sure all angles are considered and taken care of in your retirement years can help you live without unneeded stress
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